a video gift

2013 marks the year that I went from shooting and editing videos exclusively on my iPhone to a big boy camera and real video editing software.  A Sony Nex 5TL and Premiere Pro CS6 respectively, if you were curious. 

2013 also marks the year I served on the board of the Wild Rockies Field Institute (WRFI), a Missoula non-profit organization that integrates educations with field studies in an interdisciplinary approach. Also known as "Earning college credit while living in your tent. Seriously." 

As a board member, I decided to apply my new video tools towards  the charitable gift of a video.  I blocked off a couple of weekends to assemble  the recruiting video above –using images provided by students & instructors I might add. The video is designed to accompany an oral presentation during campus visits made by the organization. 

It's my first video gift. I hope they like it.