Dear Cancer: Team Biscuits and Gravy Hates YOU!

If you know me,  you know I hate cancer and love digital branding.  Movember is the best of both worlds.   A perfectly crafted digital media strategy that leverages existing channels (twitter, facebook, youtube, etc.) and brands (toms, seven, electric) to raise millions of dollars for a fight against cancer.  Yes, millions. 

Personally, this year means more to me than the previous three. This time last year my dad was diagnosed with prostate cancer. This time this year, he is cancer free.  With this additional motivation, I've assembled a team of the best men in triathlon and even designed a team logo based on the hipster logo guide.  Together, we're raising as much awareness and money as possible and would appreciate your support. 

Here is the link to support me and this cause:

 As a token of my appreciation, I'll leave you with my arsenal of Moustache videos