Here's to the Underdogs

My favorite stories are underdogs overcoming the odds. They always have been and probably always will be. For that reason alone, I loved last night's Super Bowl 49.  Initially, I was pleased to see that not one 5 star recruit (highest high school ranking) started in the game.  What impressed me even more is many of the game's heroes were not only considered sub-par out of high school, but also sub-par out college. Let's take a quick look at the underdog playmakers on each team. 

Julian Edelman - Game winning TD - 7th Round Draft Pick 
Danny Amendola - 1 TD - Undrafted 
Malcolm Butler - Game winning INT - Undrafted 

Michael Bennet - 4 QB knockdowns  - Undrafted 
Chris Matthews - 109 rec yards - 1 TD - Undrafted
Doug Baldwin - 1 TD - Undrafted 

Obviously underdogs, and obviously difference makers in the biggest sporting event of the year. This fascinates me.  I love the power of the human spirit and what it can accomplish. Well done gentlemen, you just made my day.