Word of Mouth Marketing: Stories and Talking People

In a previous“marketing” post, I discussed the importance of product. A really great product will market itself. Why? Because people will talk about it. Even better, people will tell a story about it.

Advances in technology haven’t erased the strongest form of marketing communications: stories and talking people. The social media craze has actually accelerated the power of word of mouth marketing. Instead of telling your friend, you tell your 350 FACEBOOK friends or TWITTER followers all at once. Creating a brand experience a customer is willing to talk about and an easy story to tell is more important than ever.

I realize this post won’t win any creativity points, pretty basic stuff. Even so, creating a product people talk about is hard to achieve…really hard. Developing a story around the product is that much harder and stronger from a brand perspective.

Now, think of your favorite brands. Will you have problems talking about them? More importantly, can you tell a story about them?