why presentations are rad

Pat Benatar is also RAD and this would make a RAD presentation slide.

I present frequently (25+ times a year) and truely believe presentations are RAD. I enjoy creating presentations–even for fun. I enjoy delivering presentations. I enjoy reading about presentations. I enjoy following tweets and podcasts about presentations. And, I enjoy my recent subscription to sliderocket. A recent newsletter from Sliderocket actually prompted this blog post. The content provided in this newsletter is excellent and spot on.  However, what sliderocket doesn’t address is why presentations are so RAD. So, I thought I’d share a few reasons why I believe this is the case:

1. Presentations are easy to differentiate you or your company, because most people are really bad at presentations.

2. Presentations provide a captive audience, this is rare in the world of marketing.

3. Presentations source multiple means of communications (oral, visual, written, etc.)

4. Presentations elicit responses and emotions (cheering, clapping, crying, laughing, etc.)

5. Presentations increase reach–especially now that audiences are armed with social media channels.

5. Presentations sell without sounding like a salesman.  Enter Steve Jobs.

6. Presentations are RAD.

As for the use of term RAD, I’m fully embracing the resurrection of the 80’s. I wrote this entire blog post all while listening to Love is a Battefield on repeat. I’m serious.