What Makes Video Viral? 

This is the question I asked myself when I saw Buttermilk “plays” with her “friends” climb from zero to over 2 millions views in about 5 days. Using this video as an example of a viral video, here are my thoughts on what makes a video viral?

1. The title sets the stageButtermilk plays with friends is the perfect title for this video. If it was titled jumping goat, I’d like it half as much. The fact that the other goats aren’t actually playing with Buttermilk, makes the title that much better.

2. The story has a great character. Like all stories, a viral video needs a main character. The fact that this character’s name is “Buttermilk" and a 5-week old goat, only helps.

3. A great support team. This is true in almost all aspects of life, but also holds true in a viral video.  In Buttermilk’s case it’s the behavior of the other goats. If two goats were jumping, Buttermilk wouldn’t be cool.

4.  Something you’ve never seen before.  If you’ve ever seen something similar, it’s never as cool. I’ve never seen anything like Buttermilk.

5. You can think of at least 1 person that would really like the video.  If you can’t, the video dies with you.  Sharing is caring and the key to making any video viral.

6. The message is universal. You don’t have to speak english or live on a farm to get it. Everyone gets it.

7. Short in length. This video is 1:05 in length. Who doesn’t have 1:05, especially if it came from a friend?

8. It is real. I’ve said all along “authenticity is awesome" and viral videos prove it. This isn’t a high-tech staged production. This is a 5-week old goat playing with friends, a man in jeans, and another holding a camera.  The missed shots and jumpy camera only add to the beauty.

This is purely my guess, based on curiosity, of what makes a video viral.  I’d love to hear your additional thoughts or insight.