I'm not a photographer

A photographer is defined as "as a person who takes photographs especially as a job." I'm not a photographer. To prove this point, I've declined two photographer "job" offers in the last two weeks. Don't get me wrong, I take photographs, but I'm not photographer. 

The distinction is I never take photographs as a sole job. I take photos as part of a larger brand piece or story telling endeavor.  I appreciate photography, enjoy photography and I use photography professionally, but I'm not a photographer. 

I'm fascinated by photography's ability to capture a moment, elicit an emotional response, and tell an entire story. I study photography style, photography composition, photography market trends, and photography's role in building brands. I use photography daily with the brands I work with, but, I'm not a photographer.  

Trek Travel recently asked me to guest post on travel photography / videography and I was happy to share my thoughts and experiences. You can see the entire post here.  The take home message is the same for all my pursuits.  Follow your passions, have fun, work hard, ignore the critics, and know who you are. And I'm not a photographer. 

Here is some of my favorite photography from the last year of travel.