The SIMPLE run

I’m a fan of running. It’s simple.

The simple exercise

I’ve long held the belief that running encompasses the simplest form of exercise. When I hear people complain: “I just don’t have time to exercise (insert long sigh)." I instruct them to take off running as fast as they can. Not running fast, running as fast as they possibly can. Try it. You’ll develop sore muscles you forgot you possessed. If running feels too easy, run faster. It’s that simple.

The simple equipment

The beauty of running for me is you can do it nearly anywhere, at nearly anytime, and all you need is a pair of  running shoes.  Or, do you need running shoes?  I’ve read Born to Run and consumed it much like a largemouth bass consumes its dinner.  I agree, humans are designed to run. Humans are designed to run on our feet. Humans are designed to run simple.

The simple solution

My glory days of playing high school football removed all of the cartilage in my left knee via two arthroscopic surgeries.  Oh the glory!  Since my cartilage did a better job of cushioning my left knee than the bare top of my tibia, I decided, with the help of frequent swelling, that distance running wasn’t for me.  This is changing. With the combination of strength training and a minimalist running shoe– I started with the Kinvara and am now running simply in the Hattori– running distance is feeling good and so is my left knee.  This minimalist approach has not only provided pain free running, it has also delivered a new vigor, a new purity, a new step, a new style.

The simple  style

I’m also fascinated by running styles; everyone possesses an authentic style. Take two genetically identical twins and let them run. Each will run with her own style. Interestingly, shoes impact styles and the minimalist shoe brings out the simple style.

The simple story

I also like the fact that a simple book/story is changing an industry. An industry that successfully changed a thousand years of evolution through great design and savvy marketing. An industry that isn’t afraid to respond to the market’s plea to run simple.  This is a story that’s easy to tell. It’s simple.