my mother's words of wisdom

Today is March 8th, my mom’s 61st birthday. My royal loyal readers–other than my mom–know I like to dedicate this blog to her on this special day. It’s a small token of my appreciation for all that she has done for me. Last year, I listed the 10 lessons she’d taught me; this year I’d like to focus on her words of wisdom.

  1. “Good morning, Good morning, it’s time to rise and shine.” My mom didn’t say this, she sang this. It was my daily alarm clock to get ready for school. Although I didn’t enjoy it then, I’ve embraced it now. Early risers are more productive and this little saying is a good way to start the day.
  2. “You grow in the valleys, not on the mountains.” I think she took this one from her grandmother. Regardless of its origin, it is true. Painfully true.
  3. “Always finish what you start.” My first memory of these words in action came after running into the pool wall during a swim meet at the age of  7. When I decided I would go ahead and exit the pool in the middle of the race, my mom was standing there to make sure I finished.
  4. “This is the best _____ I’ve ever had.”  You can insert nearly any restaurant appetizer or entree into the blank. Calamari is a sure bet. The fact is, if your are always eating the best food you’ve ever had, life keeps getting better.
  5. You’re going to be a huge success.” I’m not sure how this is measured or, if it will ever ring true, but it still sounds good to hear your mom say it.
  6. “I just want you to pursue your dreams.” This was my mom’s response to my request to attend the University of Montana. As a side, my dad’s response was: “You know you were born and bred to be a Razorback.” Both are great responses.
  7. “Oh Fooie!” She could cuss, but frequently inserts “Fooie” instead of profanity. Not only is this a good substitution, it always makes me laugh.
  8. "I’m so blessed."   This is a great way to look at a life.

Happy birthday and thank you for the words of wisdom.