If I could only choose 1

I’ve always taken great pride in the fact that I could name my favorite song of all time: Paint it, Black. Most people can’t. I recently posed the same question to myself in the world of digital media. The short answers are…

1. If I only read 1 blog, it would be Seth Godin’s.

2. If I only followed 1 twitter account, it would be Maria Popova

3. If I only  followed 1 instagram account, it would be thiswildidea.

5. If I only used 1 source for marketing data, it would be hubspot.

6. If I could only listen to 1 podcast, it would be Duct Tape Marketing.

7.  If I only used 1 twitter app, it would be hootsuite.

8. If I only used 1 “list" app, it would be todoist.

9. If I only used 1 photo app, it would be snapseed.

10. If I only had 1 source of entertainment in the car, it would be Stitcher.

If you could only choose 1, let me know what it would be.