I wanted to share the latest in a series of iPhone Videos. I’ve been putting together, as touch points, for Linsey. I also thought you may enjoy some background that is less obvious in the video.

1. Song. Linsey and I first heard At Home, by the Crystal Fighters on our drive from Munich, Germany to Klagenfurt, Austria approximately a month ago. We both looked at each other and said: this is a great song.

2. Text. Because I’m a fan of the song, and wanted to listen to this tune uniterupted, I decided to communicate the dialogue of the video using text messages sent between Linsey and I.

2. Timelapse. This is my first attempt at incorporating time lapse video (00:58, 2:22, & 4:08), using stumps (no tripods for me, yet) and the  iTimelapse app on the iPhone. A blog on my favorite iPhone photo apps is coming soon.

3. Axe. I found the axe (3:41) collecting firewood on the way back from Storm Lake. As a big axe fan (yes, AXE fan), it was a great find. If it’s yours let me know, but you better hurry up, because I’m about to replace the handle and paint it.

5. Madison. The golden retriever in the video. I jokingly recognized Madison’s excitement for Linsey’s day job in this photo essay. After seeing Madison in action this weekend, I’m no longer joking.

6. Montana. Georgetown Lake is one of my many Montana Happy Places. It’s amazing what a place like this will do to recharge the batteries.