How to fly with 200lbs of beer

I successfully arrived at my 5th consecutive Ironman or 1/2 Ironman world championship event with 200 lbs of custom Linsey Corbin beer courtesy of Big Sky Brewing Company. As a side, I also made a video of her “Picking up BEER," you can view on her site.

The real question everyone wants to know, is:

How do you get this beer to the event?

The biggest challenge is weight, not volume. TSA lets you bring as much under 24% alcohol as you want, but the airlines don’t like to pack all the weight and beer is heavy.

The maximum weight for a checked bag on most airlines is 100 lbs. I usually fly Delta or Alaska. Between the two, I chose Alaska for this mission, because the baggage fees are much cheaper $50 (Alaska) vs. $175 (Delta). I pulled it off for free on Delta yesterday, but got really lucky. Nevertheless, the challenge is to keep each bag under 100 lbs.


1. 2 x 24 gallon action packer storage boxes (tough and light

2. Bubble wrap  (lighter than paper)

3. 2 x 9 ft Big Sky Brewing Cam Straps.

4. A plane ticket (Alaska is the cheapest).

1. Place beer in action packer.  You can fit 4-5 cases of cans, approximately 80-100lbs in each action packer, depending on how many clothes you bring.
2. Place bubble wrap and clothing on top of cans. Maximum of  20lbs of clothing if you’re bringing 4 cases per action packer.
3.  Strap shut and check, just as you’d check any other suitcase. The action packer can also double as an uninsulated cooler in a pinch.
4. Enjoy.