How I use digital media

Last week, on my water blog, I shared how I use digital media.  As I assembled these tools, I realized I also leverage this media for my other freelance marketing work and felt inclined to share here.



Why: Twitter is my favorite digital media tool. Not as a megaphone for blasting content, but instead as a set of headphones for listening to the market. This gets even better with a client application (tweetdeck and hootsuite are my two favorites). These applications enable you to filter content so you hear only what you want to hear. Whether it is a sorted list of individuals you want to listen to (e.g. branding industry list) or a search column that allows you to target specific content (e.g. Moose Drool) so anytime, anyone, anywhere in the world tweets “Moose Drool” it appears in my Moose Drool hootsuite column.


Google Alerts 

Why: Similar to twitter, strategic use of Google Alerts allows you to aggregate and filter relevant content found on the world wide web. Some of this content is duplicated by tweets, but I always find some gems missed by tweeps (yes, peeps on twitter are tweeps). You can have daily alerts emailed to you, but I prefer to stream the content via Google Reader.


Linked In

Why: Yes, Linked In provides value that Twitter and Google Alerts cannot capture. I utilize Linked In group pages, which allows me to survey content on the topics of interest and even engage in conversations with like-minded water and marketing professionals. Linked In also provides access to a digital “networking engine” for recommendations and referrals.
Why: Unlike the other tools, the blog is not my headphones, it’s my voice.  Here’s a link to my very first blog post as a reminder for why I blog.
Why: Because a photo is worth a thousand words. I like the “mobile only" platform of Instagram and the design/artistic nature of this content sharing. I also enjoy the lack of noise (currently). I try to limit myself to one photo a day.
Why: Because  800+ million of my closest friends are also using it. Frankly, I’m not a huge Facebook fan, but it’s hard to ignore the reach of this channel. So I don’t. As for content, I try to keep this strictly personal.
Why: Google + is my latest channel, because an estimated 54 million users can’t be ignored, either  I still haven’t determined my Google + strategy or the value it adds, but intend to experiment with this channel moving forward.
This how I use  digital media. Like digital media, it’s constantly changing.  I’m open to any tips, tricks, you may have on this subject. Please do share.