getting better

I've pretty much narrowed my goals to one.

Get better.

Two years ago I was watching Linsey race the Wildflower Triathlon in California. I decided to take my iPhone out of my pocket and shoot a video of the race. I edited the video on the phone and posted it to her YOUTUBE account shortly after she crossed the line.

Here's a link to the video.

Two years and 300 thousand YOUTUBE views later, I'm still shooting Linsey's race videos. In pursuit of my simple goal to get better, I've watched countless hours of videos, purchased Adobe Creative Cloud, and, most recently, purchased a Sony Nex 5T. 

Below are two race videos from Linsey's 2014 race campaign. Even better, she won both events and broke the American Ironman Record in the latter.  Speaking of the latter, it began with 5,433 GoPro images and landed in the composition you can view below.

 I'm not good, but I'm better. And, this remains the goal today.