My Curious Vow


This post serves as my public pledge for CURIOSITY.  My Curious Vow. A commitment to question, learn, and change.

I’ve come to believe it’s the curious mind where a zest for life lives. It’s the source of inspiration, drive, and passion. It’s how we explore and how we grow.

Curiosity allows your mind & spirit to stay young as you grow old.

Let’s take fishing as an example. I love fishing examples.  

I developed an interest in spin fishing at an early age. This intrigue led me down countless dusty Ozark roads to new waters to wade. An introduction to fly fishing in Field & Stream Magazine sold me on my first fly rod at the age of 16. I was curious.

I packed this fly rod to receive an education at the University of Montana. This fascination for fishing with flies led to Alaska, Argentina, Canada, Chile, New Zealand, Europe, and every fishable water in between. This too expanded to new fly fishing techniques in the salty waters of both the Atlantic & the Pacific. I was curious.

Most recently, my inquiring mind spey casts for Steelhead: a sea run rainbow trout that sparks my interest more than any fish that has come before it. I’m still curious.

I use fishing as an example for simplicity. I could easily provide journeys in health & fitness, diet, career, finances, spirituality, etc., all fueled by questions. There is clearly joy found in learning. Just spend time with a 5-year-old.

Besides the fun factor, curiosity also plays another critical role in our ability to evolve. It drives change in our dynamic world. It allows us to create & adapt.

Unfortunately, society does a fine job of destroying intrigue. The decline in the sheer number of questions asked from age 5 to 18 is well documented. We’re eventually trained to stop asking questions altogether.

Today, I’m challenging myself to continue to question. I’m taking My Curious Vow. A commitment to question, learn, and change.