Cell phones don't work in Layfayette

Thanks to my wife, I had the fortunate opportunity to spend the last 48 hours in Lafayette, Louisiana. The food was in a league of its own, the hospitality exceeded expectations, and the authenticity of this Cajun community won my heart. One observation I appreciated most was cell phones don’t work in Lafayette. Yes, Layfatte has cell phone service. But, in comparison to a personal conversation, cell phones don’t stand a chance.  Answering that “critical call", texting, facebooking, tweeting, and checking emails take a backseat to the company you keep. Linsey and I attended multiple social outings and not once did I see someone pull out their cell phone–other than to show pictures of their loved ones (dogs included). This experience reminded me, once again, the importance of personal communication.  To many times I believe we worry about the little buzz in our pocket instead of engaging in the conversation. In reality, we are missing out on a much larger opportunity: the person next to us, even if they’re a stranger. Talking. Listening. Expressing. Creating a bond. Making a friend.

I’m guilty of this very act. But after visiting Lafayette, I’m going to work on it. I’m will start leaving my phone in the car–and definitely in my pocket–so I can focus on the greatest form of communication: listening and talking to other people, in person.  Thanks for everything Lafayette.  Your food and community are amazing.

p.s.  Did I mention how good the food is in Lafayette? Wow!