6 reasons to stand up

I recently read Born to Run and I’ve taken the concept one step further: Born to Stand. We are designed to be on our feet for most of our waking hours. Today (8/6/2011), I’m moving into week 3 of my stand-up desk, and I’m enjoying it so much I wanted to share my top 6 reasons to stand:

  1. Burns Calories. 8 hours of standing 5 days a week burns 2,400 calories. To save you the math, that’s 13.5 Moose Drools a week.
  2. It’s hard. It isn’t easy to stand all day and I’m still gaining standing fitness (week 3), which reinforces the fact that it must be good for you. Sitting is pretty darn easy.
  3. Increased efficiency. I’m more efficient on my feet: added creativity, faster typing, greater energy, less distractions, etc. At least I think so, and that’s what matters most.
  4. Ache remover.  Have you ever stood up and moved gingerly–slowly releasing the aches and pains?  This doesn’t happen if you’re already standing.
  5. My dog loves it. In my rolling desk chair, I’d occasionally catch the hairs on my golden’s tail. Standing prevents this tragedy and she’s a big fan.
  6. It saves money.  You can buy a fancy stand-up desk. I made my first portable stand-up desk for  $8.37, and then purchased a dynamite box to place on a table (see above). I also believe the health benefits of standing will save medical bills down the road. Expensive chair? Also saved.

For full transparency, I’ve received help on this conclusion from Men’s HealthCorbett Barr, and Leo Babauta. Thank you!  Also here’s a link to an infographic ( I love infographics) that highlights why sitting is killing you.

By the way,  I wrote this post standing.