5 things cancer will teach you

Today (Feb 22nd) is a celebration. Today marks the five six year anniversary for conquering CANCER.  Thankfully, I’m not talking about myself. I’m referring to my best fishing buddy and friend Birch Fett. What’s special about five years? Past 6 years cancer has the same probability of coming back that it did the first time. I’ve learned an awful lot from Birch over the years; that you can retrieve a fly with a stick, that big trout like purple buggers, that bear chili is good, and goose jerky is great–not to mention many other lessons in hard work, integrity, and friendship. Although, today I want to share five things Birch has taught me as a cancer survivor.

1. Health is the greatest wealth. Birch was diagnosed at the peak of his physical fitness: 24 years young and strong as an ox. Cancer doesn’t always discriminate, so enjoy your health today.

2. Chemo can change hair color. We all know chemo makes hair disappear, but did you know it will also change the color?  When the other option is death, you realize hair isn’t that big of a deal, anyhow.

3. Attitude is everything. When Birch was initially diagnosed he was scared. But, not once did I ever think he was in trouble. Birch kept one focus: beating cancer. And beating cancer he did.

4. Keep living. One would think taking cancer behind the woodshed would greatly change the course of your life. Not Birch. He guided in Alaska the summer before and guided in Alaska the summer after. He also continued to work on 1 of his 3 degrees and, oh yeah, all while putting the smack down on cancer.

5. Look ahead. You don’t hear Birch complain about having cancer. He’s looking ahead to the next move, the next rise, the next five years.

If you like this post, go buy a quality craft beer and tip one back for Birch. He’s the reason I  grow moustaches in Movember and today he’s five six years FREE.