Welcome to the new There is no telling how you arrived. has been turned on and off a couple of times over the years. My guess is you somehow arrived via, which is why I feel the need to explain the current status of the two domains: vs.
CorbinBrands, LLC started in the Gran Hotel lobby in Pucon, Chile in 2010. I had a handful of ideas and no clue how they'd play out so I decided to form an umbrella LLC for these ideas: Corbin Brands. At the time, my primary source of income came from one of these ideas, Lotic Water Marketing, which successfully started the first-ever water bank in Montana and burned me out of the water market in the process. Lesson learned. Over time, I shifted my self-made day job into freelance content creation, social media management, video production, and the like. This has slowly grown into "a small batch digital agency that builds brands through iterative creative." What's Iterative Creative you ask? It's our trademarked* process of creating ideas, testing ideas, analyzing ideas, and repeating the process. We believe this allows us to optimize creative for the best results and evolve with the ever-changing digital world.
The truth is predates CorbinBrands. I picked up this URL back in the day when all the cool kids had blogs, and I had a goal to improve my writing skills the same way I improve all aspects of my life, practice. Furthermore, practice in a medium the world can see. Somewhere along the way, I actually shelved this URL and moved the content to CorbinBrands, in hopes to win some freelance work. Skip to the present and I built Corbin Brands its own website with stronger agency vibe and dusted this old beauty off for my personal use. 

Although less time exists for this platform (4 posts last year), I've made a lifelong commitment to be better than before and still believe organizing your thoughts for the world (my mom and a couple other readers) to see accomplishes this objective. For the record, I don't think my thoughts so remarkable that they deserve their own website, but I do believe writing here will improve my personal self. And this makes it worthwhile. 

Long story short, if you want a landing page for a small batch digital agency that lives and dies by iterative creative, visit If you want to hear my random thoughts on this thing called life, maybe an occasional video, photo, or other creative inspiration that strikes my fancy, stay right here.

Since you've made this far in a life update on two domains – really riveting stuff – I'd like to offer a personal thank you to Mario Schulzke. Besides teaching me how to spell teriyaki, and being a true friend, he's pushed and to their current positions. He's helped me clarify my thinking on both. 


* well... we've filed a trademark anyhow, only time will tell.