Revive Fly Fishing Journal

I'm lucky. I found a career I love. This took some time and many missteps along the way, including stints in water rights, and a trout & salmon genetics lab. 

Even with my love for the daily grind, I need my time out of the office. Time to think, reset the batteries, and play. 

This time is almost always spent fly fishing. 

Occasionally, my digital and fly fishing worlds collide. Like here, and here, and most recently in Revive Fly Fishing.* This photo essay is dedicated to my curiosity of why steelhead will take my fly. A question I'm not sure I'll ever know the answer to, that keeps me swinging flies time and time again.  

I don't see this obsession with fly fishing changing anytime soon. I enjoy the journey nearly as much as the catch. 

*This publication is always updating so you may have to search for Winter 2017 to find this edition.