random thoughts

Oh yeah, that one time I opened my "Thoughts" page and typed my random thoughts.  Note, I reference zero data on many of my social media, user experience, and brand assumptions. This is just my random thoughts, today.  

  • Without conflict, there is no story. 
  • Social Media is half content creation and half community management. You need both. 
  • The Ned Kelly meat pie is delicious and will cause you to gain weight. 
  • The miracle of flight sure makes life fun. Travel.
  • Photos capture memories and inspire creativity. At least for me. 
  • Organically growing an Instagram audience comes through engagement.
  • Planning and process are foundations of success. 
  • Facebook is winning the "Brand" video war. Sorry YouTube.  
  • Iterative creative works. Idea. Create. Test. Repeat. Thanks Mario
  • Story is part of our DNA. 
  • Only famous faces perform well on Instagram. People digest content through their worldview and someone's face disrupts this worldview. Show their backs, hands, or feet instead. 
  • The goal of all brand content should be to entertain or create an emotional response. 
  • Define the brand and check brand continuity for all content. 
  • Selfies have replaced the autograph. 
  • I love dogs. We lost Madison in September and I cried for days. We picked up Chimehuin in November and I've laughed every day since. 
  • A team always beats an individual.
  • All decisions are trades in self-preservation.

That's it.