you can only use one

I've recently read multiple articles about how limitations can increase creativity (here's an example.) I agree with these findings and decided to set my own restrictions on the video above. It's probably not obvious at first glance, but the video above has boundaries I set at ONE. 

One camera: Go Pro Hero 4 
One camera mount: DJI Phantom 2
One sound track: Celestrial South, Marmoset 
One effect: Black and White 
One transition: Dip to black 
One composition: Rule of Thirds 

And then I stuck to my guns. Even to the extent of building my own composition grid in Photoshop and overlaying the video to make sure I met the Rule of Thirds (see example video frames below).  It's difficult to determine the relative creativity this process developed, but I do know limiting the parameters made it FUN, and this is the most important metric for me.