My first BEND brand

When I moved from Missoula to Bend, I made a list of local brands I'd like to work with in this community. At the top of this list was Backporch Coffee Roasters. In addition to enjoying their product on previous visits, I respected the vision, passion, and craft of founder Dave Beach.   For example,  Dave has refused  to serve me a single origin Cappuccino, because the freshly roasted beans needed to sit an extra day. This is a dedication I appreciate and a brand I want to build. 

I eventually talked Dave into letting me build a new digital brand in the form of a website and I'm pleased to present the finished product below. 

As  you'll immediately notice, the site map, structure, and design elements are simple. Very simple. This is not accidental, and we worked very closely to minimize the content and maximize the brand experience, based on how and why customers use the existing site.