my digital marketing resources

Today on twitter, I was asked for my "digital marketing" resources.  I thought this response deserved more than 140 characters, so I wanted to take the time share here.  

I read on my iPad every night before bed.  This "digital marketing" reading list includes: Seth Godin, Dan Zarella, Brain PickingsHubspot, Simply Measured, and the Social Media Marketing feed on Flipboard

I listen to podcasts when I travel. My three favorite digital marketing podcasts are:  Inside Social Media,  Social Media Marketing, and Duct Tape Marketing.  I also have a subscription I cherish.   

I've recently turned to books–yes books– in a quest to better understand the foundations of our digital behaviors, or just behavior in general.  For this insight, I've been reading Joseph Campbell for story structure and Steven Pinker for human nature. 

Well...  this is my list. I'm sure it's missing some gems. If you think so, email them to me at Thanks in advance.