Dear Patagonia, 

What follows is my digital "renewal" application to the Patagonia Pro program. In 2002, I was accepted into the Patagonia Pro Program as a young fishing guide in Alaska (#3502489).  You renewed this relationship as a photographer in 2015, extended this relationship in 2017, and I am reapplying today. Thank you for the consideration.

Below is summary of recent photos. You may already recognize a few based on countless @Patagania and @Patagonia_FlyFish tagging on Instagram. This includes work for brands such as Oberto Beef Jerky, Trek Bikes, Saucony, & Clif Bar. You'll also find a life filled with travel, passion, and chasing wild steelhead with a spey rod. All with an underlying conservation ethic shared with Patagonia.  

In short, Patagonia has played an important role in this journey and I hope this relationship continues. 


Chris Corbin